IMAGE PRECISION Ltd is ISO9001:2015 qualified and an approved UK MoD and US DoD suppliers, with experience in the design, manufacture and supply of military grade PC and display solutions.

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Rugged Displays

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Image Precision Limited (IPL) Capability and Experience

Image Precision Limited (formally Brimar) is a UK based company and an approved UK MoD and US DoD supplier of qualified, rugged, military grade PC and flat panel display solutions.

ISO 9001:2015 accredited, IPL designs, develops, manufactures and supports flat panel displays, PC monitors, video switching networks and signal distribution units.

A supplier to major vehicle integrators, IPL displays and associated equipment are operational worldwide on tracked and wheeled vehicles, including:

Challenger 2, M1A1 Abrams, Warrior, CVR(T), Foxhound (First GVA displays to enter service), Cougar, Viking, Bushmaster, BR90, VAB, BTR, BMP2.

With the development of a new driver card, Image Precision recently launched a new range of PCs and analogue/digital displays. These powerful and flexible rugged PCs offer a benefit of integrated displays.

IPL’s modular designs enable systems to be quickly modified or customised to easily fit in the required space envelope. The fielded modular concept allows for flexible positioning of mounting points, connectors and keys etc.


In vehicle video solutions must be able to interface with a broad variety of on-board equipment such as vehicle CANBus, Battle Management Systems (BMS), GPS, NAVIGATION, HUMS, Cameras, Sensor suites and digital networks. All IPL systems can interface with both legacy and new systems with the ability to tailor the video, communications and power requirements.


IPL’s modular software architecture allows easy modification and adaptability of the functionality of the system. IPL design complete human machine interfaces or GUI’s utilising drop down menus, text & graphical overlays, video processing to eliminate the requirement for additional hardware and software components, whilst offering a flexible communications architecture enabling the system to communicate with most 3rd party systems.


Crew members in vehicles often suffer from information overload both from audio and visual components. IPL design systems to be a semi-automated as possible to reduce the stress overhead on crew members while providing the right information at the required time. The company can offer complete design solutions that will meet exact specifications.

IPL offer flexibility within the design so that the company can meet the full requirements from the required serial I/O to the finish colour. IPL offers complete PC and display systems, which integrate all components in an economic and space saving design. The company offer a range of powerful and flexible AMLCD flat panel display and Intel i7 2.4GHz PC. The PC Display is equipped with a fast micro-programmed instruction set enabling it to host advanced systems in conjunction with the PC. Complex graphics, text, reticules and bitmaps can be displayed and peripherals (such as TI cameras and Pan, Zoom & Tilt heads) controlled via the PC HMI, whilst images from the cameras can be adopted from various sources and integrated with the PC application by the HMI software.

Installations include military tracked vehicles and other ground mobile applications. Typical applications include entire LSAS and IED detection host controller HMIs including sensor PZT, mast raise/lower and sensor controls. Build options include high capacity SSHD (40GB standard), touch screen, CANbus, discrete signal/power controls and high brightness LCD. By taking advantage of the low latency and picture-in-picture capabilities of the display real-time requirements such as driving-by-camera can be safely achieved. This unit can replace many smaller sub-units normally present in a system, thus simplifying and reducing the cost of complex installations.

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